Can I take online classes without declaring a major?

Yes. Non-degree seeking students can take accredited ASU Online classes to fulfill prerequisites or continuing education courses to develop new skills.


Interested in taking a few ASU Online classes but not ready to pursue a degree?


Continuing your professional education through self-paced courses or certificate programs.

Non-degree courses

"I need to complete several science prerequisite courses before I can apply. Would it be possible for me to take these courses through ASU Online, without pursuing a degree?"

Students can attend Arizona State University as a non-degree student in order to take individual courses as prerequisites for a desired program, to transfer to another institution or for personal experience instead of applying and pursuing a full degree program. Students will need to apply to ASU and be admitted as an ASU student. All classes taken as a non-degree student will be for earned credit and will be listed on an official ASU transcript with grade earned.

What is a non-degree student?

Undergraduate students:

A non-degree student is a student who has not attended ASU previously as a degree-seeking student, has not earned a bachelor's degree, is not attending full time, and is not, at this time, applying to a degree program.

Graduate students:

For student with a completed bachelors, you can attend ASU through the Graduate College as a non-degree student. This does not prevent a student from taking undergraduate classes. Students with a completed degree have to be in graduate student status.

There are some policies to understand prior to applying as non-degree student at ASU:

  • Once admitted to a degree program, a student is not permitted to register in a non-degree status.
  • Non-degree students are limited to enroll in eight credit hours each semester.
  • Non-degree students may only apply up to 12 credit hours earned in non-degree status to a future ASU degree program.
  • Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Non-degree students are not assigned an academic advisor or success coach.
  • Students should review Class Search page prior to applying to confirm that the course needed is available and open to non-degree students.
Do I need to submit my transcripts?

Nondegree admission requirements

  • Non-degree students must still apply to ASU but do not need to submit official documents or transcripts
  • To be admitted to ASU as a non-degree student, an applicant must be a high school graduate Students currently enrolled in high school and persons under the age of 18 may be admitted as non-degree students by submitting an official high school transcript and a letter of approval from a high school counselor or principal stating the student is in good standing and is allowed to take non-degree courses.
How do I apply?

Application procedure

  1. Open The Undergraduate Admission Application[MN1]
  2. Select non-degree seeking in the major selection step
    • If you select a specific major, you will go through full application review process.
  3. Submit the non refundable application fee:
  4. If needed, send transcripts directly to ASU.

ASU will review your application for admission once all materials are on file. To see if your file is complete, sign in to My ASU using the ASURITE ID provided after you submitted the application.

Undergraduate application Graduate application

Continuing and Professional Education

"Can I take online courses for personal enrichment that have no prerequisites or applications, as a non-degree student?"

Yes. Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) provides learners the opportunity to enhance current skills or acquire high demand skills without the need for prerequisites or an application. These skills are taught in a self-paced, self-facilitated, competency-based online format, so you can move at your own pace. Learners have the option of taking individual courses or groups of courses that earn them a certificate.

Why should I take CPE courses?

Taking any CPE course is an excellent opportunity to invest in yourself and acquire new skills that will advance your career. Individuals desiring to excel in their careers need the ability to outperform competition in the job market, stand out among peers and deliver results to their organizations. CPE courses can help get you there.

Who should take CPE courses?
  • Career starters: Recent graduates seeking additional workplace skills or certificates before entering the workforce.
  • Career changers: Professionals seeking additional skills or certificates for promotion or raise.
  • Career Advancers: Adults seeking additional skills or certificates needed to move into new fields
  • Career Crossers: Adults seeking cross-training to advance in current fields.
What types of courses are available?

Example of courses:

  • Project Management
  • Professional Skills Mastery
  • English as a Second Language
  • Innovate using the Voice of the Customer
  • Health and Medicine
  • How to Blueprint Excellent Customer Experiences
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