Study abroad as an ASU Online student

The Arizona State University Study Abroad Office offers more than 250 different programs in over 65 countries! ASU Online Students can study abroad during any term including summer or fall/spring semester, as well as spring break programs. Studying abroad impacts your life in many positive ways that last far beyond the duration of your program.

What are the benefits to studying abroad?

By studying abroad, ASU Online students have the opportunity to develop a global perspective in your field of study, gain a sense of direction and purpose for your future career, and begin to build a network of professional contacts around the world. Potential employers value the skills students gain abroad such as critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility, adaptability, confidence, and other cultural competencies.

How expensive is it to study abroad?

Financial aid, including many ASU and non-ASU scholarships, can be applied towards ASU-sponsored study abroad programs. More information on study abroad grants and scholarships is available online as well as ideas on how to generate community-based funding. You can learn more about funding options by participating in an online Financing your Study Abroad Workshop that occurs every month through the academic year.

Can any ASU Online degree student study abroad?

Because ASU offers so many study abroad programs in so many different locations, this allows for a wide range of coursework to suit your academic needs. Plan early and talk to your academic advisor about the best time to study abroad as an ASU Online student.

Which study abroad programs have ASU Online students successfully participated in through the Study Abroad Office?
What kind of credit do students receive from a study abroad experience?

Participants in any study abroad program will earn ASU “resident” credit and grades for courses completed on the program. Read more about Credits & Grades.

Do ASU Online students have to know a foreign language to study abroad?

Coursework taught in English is available in most regions of the world.

Are there opportunities for ASU Online students to complete internships abroad?

Some study abroad programs combine coursework with internship placements that earn academic credit, including:

How to Search Study Abroad Programs

You can search for programs in a variety of ways:

  • Simple search: For students narrowing down their options by program name, term, city, country, and/or region.
  • Advanced search: For students who want to identify programs that offer a particular area of study or program sponsored by a particular ASU College, Department, or School. You can utilize several filters at once for a more targeted result.
  • Course search: Ideal for students who have specific ASU courses to complete abroad.
  • Map search: Best suited for those who want to browse programs by region, then country.
How do I contact the Study Abroad Office?
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